The 6 Ripples of the Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do Logo

The Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do logo consists of six sections, each representing an essential area of focus for our students’ development.

1-Kihon: We have developed a framework of basic exercises that guide students from white belt to senior black belt levels. These exercises cover closed and open hand techniques, blocks, and kicks from various stances. They play a crucial role in developing students’ basic skills and confidence, with complexity increasing as they progress.

2-Kata: At every level, students learn new kata corresponding to their rank. We encourage purposeful practice of these movements and exploration of the bunkai (analysis) and ooyo (application) of the kata techniques. This instills a deeper understanding of the art and enhances their karate journey.

3-Goshin: In this area if focus, students acquire self-defense movements that build a diverse arsenal of techniques over time. We promote the application of these concepts beyond the dojo, encouraging students to apply them in our anti-bullying lessons, Empowerment Self-Defense courses, and personal protection/combative self-defense situations.

4-Kumite: Emphasizing sparring classes, our practice caters to students of all levels and ages. The classes include introductory sessions, strategy development, and high-impact training. While many of our students prefer to spar within the dojo, some of our students participate in tournaments, ranging from non-contact to semi-contact and full-contact events.

5-Bukijutsu: Reserved for our black belts, this focus area involves the practice of both Okinawan and Japanese weaponry, including bo/jo staff, bokken/iaito, sai, eku, tonfa, tenaka, and nunchaku. Our syllabus framework guides black belts from 1st-degree to 8th-degree over many years of training.

6-Budo Philosophy and Meditation: We teach and apply budo philosophy in all of our classes, encouraging students to tirelessly pursue their personal growth, despite the challenges of modern living. We also practice meditation regularly, which helps our students remain calm and mindful despite their busy schedules. Over time, our students develop a high level of resilience and a non-quitting spirit in all aspects of their lives.

Our logo symbolizes our approach to personal development, reflecting how we, as teachers, introduce materials to our students without prescribing the direction of a student’s personal journey. It beautifully captures the idea of ripples extending out from a raindrop, representing the limitless potential for growth and progress for a student of Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do.

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