Martial arts are more popular than ever.  Information and knowledge is widespread and readily available all over the world.  We see these teachings all the time in traditional and digital media.

Moreover, the world is becoming more complex and personal viewpoints are becoming stronger, with less consideration and understanding for others.

In my lifelong journey in the martial arts, I have tried to study not just the techniques that have been taught, but also the philosophies that underpin these arts. I am by no means an expert, but my experience has helped to deepen my own personal understanding. I would like to share this philosophy with my students.

Jin Sei Ryu is a system of Karate-Do that is not just technical in nature.  I personally believe that students, when they or their parents find Jin Sei Ryu, start a personal journey of self-development. This journey may be brief or may last for many years.  This journey consists of learning this traditional art of Karate-Do and during this time they become better students and kinder individuals who make positive contributions to the world around them. Most importantly, I believe that we can learn karate at our own pace, and support the diverse perspectives and paths that others may be pursuing themselves during their own journeys.At its most fundamental meaning, Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do means Profound Reflections for Growth Style of Karate-Do.  In short, “Reflect then pursue kindness through Karate-Do.”

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