Dojo Tour

We’d like to show you our main dojo in Darlington. We’ve been at this location for over 15 years. Previously, we were in Chippendale across the street from the Carlton Brewery. In 2018, we completely renovated everything from the ground up – in fact, we only kept the 4 walls around you. So the school is now a full-time, purpose built dojo!

Click here for a virtual tour of our dojo: (link)

When you arrive during each class, you’ll usually be greeted by Shihan Leigh or one of our instructors. We’re known for being a friendly, welcoming school, so we’ll make you feel at home.

You can remove your shoes in our reception area and place them in our shoe rack.

The dojo has several hygiene stations with hand sanitiser, towels, wipes, disinfectant spray and masks.   

Walk up a couple of steps onto the main training floor. We have approximately 200sqm of training space for students with mirrors spanning the entire length of the floor. 

As you walk toward the back of the dojo, you’ll enter our locker rooms with changing space, toilets and a shower. 

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