“Small gestures, big impact.”

This morning, I woke up to read about the bomb cyclone affecting North America, and especially Buffalo, NY. It made me think about the many who are struggling to survive in the face of these extreme conditions.

As someone who now lives in a warmer climate, I am fortunate to have been spared the harsh winters that many people in Canada and the United States are currently experiencing.

I also thought about our own situations relative to others, especially during this Holiday Season. While most of us can retreat to the comforts of our homes, with stable shelter, warmth, the company of family or friends, and other healthy distractions, I cannot help but feel for those who do not have these basic necessities to get through this storm or their daily challenges. It is a stark reminder of how fortunate many of us are and the many ways in which we are blessed.

In the face of such hardship in the world, especially during this Season, acts of kindness and compassion for those who are suffering or less fortunate is important. We may be far away, but a small donation to local charities to help with their relief efforts; reaching out to help family and friends who have been especially affected; or if we’re close by, volunteering our time to provide direct assistance in the face of these disasters.

“Small gestures, big impact.”

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