Shihan Leigh Maquirang

Shihan (Master)
Brief info

Shihan (Master) Leigh Maquirang is a 6th Degree Black Belt in with over 28 years of international experience in karate-do. She has successfully competed in tournaments in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Since 1997, she and So-Shihan Ino have overseen the development of the main dojo, satellite school programs and the Australian branch network. She started her teaching career in 1995 in New York City assisting with beginners and childrens classes. She now teaches with So-Shihan Ino at all of the school programs and leads several of our classes at the main dojo. She is the Head of Business Operations for Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do International, responsible for marketing, student care, branch management and administration of the organisation.

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