Class Types

We offer a balanced schedule during the week, covering the material that you need to learn for your rank as well as skill-specific classes that provide you with an overview of the training that makes Jin Sei Ryu Karate unique.

White Belt/Beginners

Open to White belts and Advanced White belts. This class teaches the fundamentals of Jin Sei Ryu Karate and focuses on the White belt syllabus. Basic hand and leg techniques, self-defense, pad work, and explanation of terms and protocol are covered in this class. Classes not only provide a good physical workout, but also help the student learn about Jin Sei Ryu Karate and feel welcomed in the dojo. Class length is 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Open to Blue belts and up. This traditional class consists of an overview of all hand and leg techniques, moving stances, self-defense, kata, and pad work. Class format will vary slightly depending on the instructor. Class length is 1 hour.


Open to specific ranks and above. This class has a progressively faster pace, and more material is covered than in a White belt class. These classes provide a high-energy workout with various belt levels. Partner work allows students to train with their peers as well as junior and senior members. Class length is 1 hour.

Black Belt

Open only to Jin Sei Ryu black belts of all levels. These classes focus on specific material of the Black belt syllabus from week to week on a 4-week cycle. We also offer intensive black-belt review classes that enables groups of black belts to work out together to review their material. This is one of the only classes that is not open to public viewing. Class length is at least 1 hour.


Open to Advanced White belts and up. This class focuses on kata (formal exercises) for each belt level with a review of previous katas for more senior students. Basic techniques and conditioning exercises are done between katas. Class length is 45 minutes.

Kumite and Strategy

Open to Advanced Yellow belts and up. This class provides Advanced Yellow belts an opportunity to wear protective equipment and learn the basic concepts of sparring without contact and in a safe environment. For Green belts and above there is contact durig sparring classes. Mandatory equipment includes mouthguard, hand and foot protectors, headgear, and groin cup for men or chest protector for women. Forearm and shin guards are optional. Class length is at least 45 minutes

Buki Jutsu

Open to active Jin Sei Ryu Black Belts. Once students earn their Black Belts, they begin learning how to use traditional Japanese weapons. Starting with the bo (long staff) and jo (short staff). As our students become more advanced, they eventually learn sai (three-pronged implement), shinai (bamboo sword) and bokken (wooden sword). Over time, our most senior students learn to use other traditional Okinawan weaponry.

Tournament Training

Open to all Jin Sei Ryu students. We give students the opportunity to participate in domestic and international competitions. Throughout the year, students who would like to train and compete are coached by the most senior instructors for the following events: kata, sparring (point, continuous and semi-contact), weapons and board-breaking. For the past several years, we have developed numerous national and international champions. Team participation is by invitation only.


Open to all students. Breathing exercises (tachi-zen), seated meditation (za-zen), and walking meditation (kinhin) are practiced in every class. So-Shihan often finishes the meditation class with a short lecture on Japanese philosophy. Class length is approximately 30 minutes.

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