This morning, my message to Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do students, their families and friends all over the world was as follows:

初志貫到 “Shoshikantetsu!”Which means, “Follow through on your original intentions,” or “Realise your dreams again!”

At this time last year here in Sydney, we had just experienced our worst bushfires which very closely approached the city, followed immediately by torrential rains over several weeks. Even though we were confronted by these natural disasters, we started last year with much energy and enthusiasm.  Little did we know that by mid-March, the pandemic would hit everyone all over the world! 

Here in Australia, we spent months working through restrictions, living in relative isolation and recently we have started to emerge and live our lives differently. However, in so many other countries some have been less fortunate –  living through multiple waves and cycles of restrictions which disrupted or destroyed their daily routines during the past 10-11 months.

Last year, so many of our dreams were put on hold. Some of us wanted to travel, some wanted to pursue a new career, others wanted to develop new friendships. Last year, we all had to adapt to new ways of living and socialising, and we certainly couldn’t travel. For the most part, we all adapted very well. We changed our patterns of living, we found new projects and activities to do at home, and we found ways to connect in meaningful ways. 

Whilst the pandemic still rages in many parts of the world, there is some hope on the horizon. Vaccines are slowly becoming available and increasing numbers of people are being vaccinated.

I truly believe that sometime during 2021, we will all begin to see the tail-end of this pandemic. No matter how difficult circumstances were in 2020, things will be better in 2021! If this is the case, then during 2021, we will want to start to dream again! We’ll start thinking about the travel that we put off last year; we may be able to go back to school; we may complete major projects that became to hard to complete; we’ll finally be able to socialise with family and loved ones in person. 

I honestly hope that we are able to realise our dreams!

Kancho Ino